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Although 2010-2011 years NBA season, Wade constantly introduced new color Air Jordan 2011, but those seem to be some of the public color. Recently a new color network Air Jordan 2011 Wade Miami heat player version of the boots, to cater to the Miami heat's black and yellow ball team colors, black tongue color extends to the ankle and heel part, plus a black in the end, the black shoes occupy a large area, looks somewhat low-key, but after joining the upper yellow and red embellishment, we will sit up and take notice this, immediately showing a vibrant scene, transparent crystal bottom is to add a lot of color gorgeous feeling shoes. always feel recently NBA players wear shoes more and more to the various early AirJordan, or choose to light basketball shoes technology early, but functional distinction between the shoes in the cold, crazy crazy season player, retro or light?

today the top belongs to the eagle king Joe · Johnson, although Johnson's season the data has a drop, but he is still an integral part of the Hawks soul, and today he first brought us Air Jordan Retro 12 news, this year will be engraved Air Jordan 12 to PE (player version) appeared NBA, we have compared Hold live?

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Nate · Robinson also preferred the history of Air Jordan, today's game, he put on a pair of Air Jordan 10, "Old Royal" color, and Warriors team jerseys phase.
team with Ellis Robinson and Monta · wearing the same kind of shoes.

look at the recent red hot "linsanity" and his two teammates, the three is the recent New York consecutive winning hero, Jeremy Lin insisted on wearing Hyperfuse shoes not unexpected victory 2011 Low, Fildes also wear a long time Zoom Kobe VI, Bill & middot Walker today; rather the color of rumors the engraved Question 1 appeared on his feet.

Earl · Clark Air Jordan; in 13, more than 10 years ago the shoes still stand head and shoulders above others.

Zhu Han ·: Pietro brings another exciting piece of work this year, Zoom Huarache 2K4, the first time should make the young Sneaker very excited.

, Terrence, ·, Thomas didn't wear Jordan Fly 23 today, and put on Air Jordan 13, more in line with him

Run, so that running is no longer alone.
1, run group name

Chengdu about the race club

2, time of establishment


3, active city

Chengdu: Chengdu Sanhuan area inside and outside the routine route: Jincheng Park, Jincheng lake, Lantau Peak, egret river

4, run group scale

2000 people around, the number of active people about 1000 people about

5, run group slogan

run - make running no longer alone

6, running group introduction to

Chengdu Run Race Club [1] , founded in May 2014, the initiator is Chengdu Xiaobing young people, from the initial number of people to more than 2000 people (as of January 2015), is a rising running group in Chengdu area.

Jincheng Park, Jincheng lake, Lantau Peak egret, Xixi Wetland Park, Taurus is the main gathering about Olympic runners.

in addition to the offline run about activities, "Chengdu run family also all organizations to participate in domestic and international marathon and other race, even the planning and organization of the" ice bucket challenge "Mid Autumn Festival fun run" and other activities, more and more Chengdu runners know about running a family in Chengdu energetic, good organization, and in Chengdu about to run the family has always adhere to a healthy and happy running about culture and run, let alone is no longer running life attitude.

7, the main event of the run group

planned and organized the "bucket challenge" Mid Autumn Festival fun run "and" Deyang friendship friendship organization organization running about running activities "and" plump network organized the Mid Autumn Festival fun run "
Chengdu is about to run the family club activities under the line selection. A selection of activities under the line of the Chengdu Race Club. A selection of activities under the line of the Chengdu Race Club. A selection of activities under the line of the Chengdu Race Club.
8, run group influence

A. Every weekend in the organization line of running activities, the core member Chengdu - Chengdu - little song kiss of pure happy running and fun running

B.QQ group the number of about more than 2200 people, divided into Chengdu about the family ran the official total group, the official 1 group, 2 group official, the official 3 group, and the ashes of time operation help, help, help NANTEX, white Gai, trustcomputing help, and Chengdu about the family ran a Marathon elite group of

9, media coverage of running groups
The Mid Autumn Festival in
2014 is involved in the activities of AUX square, and CDTV-3, Chengdu, has an interview with members of the Chengdu race.

10, the future expectation of the running group

wants more people to participate in running, happy, healthy, running, and not in running.

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