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Student running

, according to the voice of the world's Chinese language broadcast network, reported a painful event not long ago. A 14 year old student, Xiao Hao, died of sudden death in a sports class, and the parents brought the school to court. Parents believe that the school, knowing Xiao Hao has congenital heart disease, did not stop its participation in sports in time, and recently won more than 33.3 million yuan.

Xiao Hao's sudden death was not an accident. In November 18, 2013, Xiao Hao's teacher in charge of a class should be placed in the class group according to the requirements of some parents. The ranking table shows that Xiao Hao's sports performance is "0".

face such a sports "0" scores and students' comments, Xiao Hao's self-esteem has been seriously hurt, the heart can not be accepted. Again on the sports class, stick to the running of the sudden death of Xiao Hao.
The tragedy of
caused little parents to lose the only child of 14 years old, and it also triggered a big discussion about the results of the test. The netizen said: "every fabang, poor vulnerable!" A net friend said, "it's not supposed to make the list. It's ridiculous." Look at other countries and regions abroad, do they publish test results?

Hongkong: student achievement is an absolute privacy and will be protected by law.

Li Tao: in Hongkong, high school or university will not publicize student's performance and ranking, because examination results are considered to belong to the scope of personal privacy. Any behavior that announces student's achievement is regarded as a violation of student's privacy. The 486th chapter of the law of the Hongkong contains regulations on the privacy of personal data. Before the school collects any information, it must inform the purpose of collection as well as the place where the information may be transferred. Therefore, the school wants to disclose the student's achievement must first obtain the consent of the student concerned. Hong Kong Polytech University in 2007, once accidentally wrongly paid out more than twenty thousand students in the school for the transcripts, shut down email system of the school, and urged others to delete error received transcripts of students related content, the school also submitted a memorandum for this event to Privacy Commissioner, and solemnly apologized to the students, so students in Hongkong report the content of privacy is highly confidential, even if the school does not have the power of arbitrary announced to the outside world.

Japan: public schools do not count the scores and do not rank, and the results are only the students' own business.

Tang Xinzi: for example, primary school public schools, children from grade one to grade six are not scoring, but they are not graded, but they are divided into several grades. The difference is not bad, that is, I hope you continue to work hard, this is the lowest level. It is divided into four grades, four grades each year but this semester only evaluation of children and parents can see, would not say, today I took a comment after you how much I have how much, they never communicate with each other, Japanese children they also have no habit, because it belongs to >

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