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this double Air Jordan 13 whole pair has been transformed into the "Dark Knight" villain character "Joker (Clown)" concept! From the details of the photos, shoes custom artist PKZUNIGA pigment deep skill, the overall visual feeling is quite clean; especially touched Air Jordan 13 shoes who know both sides of material is very special and not a plane, but also presents visual ink inside, really great!

NBA active three double Wang Jide now wears PEAK domestic brands in the field, Jason Kidd was too short to join Jordan Tam, when the Kidd or nets player, this pair of Air Jordan 13 Retro is Jordan Brand as he prepares for the PE version. White / gray / red and then the nets uniform color match, on the tongue embroidered Kidd my jersey number and name, is the biggest highlight of the shoes. But at that time and the commercially available version of the same, because of the defect in the bottom part of the material also fade problem, but as a collection of double player version is very valuable, and now this shoes are available on eBay, love friends can look at.

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sina sports news "slimming world" is the British weight loss organization, each year will produce a weight loss champion. This year, the title belongs to a man named Oliver · Beers. He was 24 years old in 2 years has lost 25 stone (about 317.5 pounds) of fat, but now he has to go to the marathon.

24 - year-old British man Oliver · Beers from Portsmouth. He had been mocked for his waistline over 5 feet (about 1.524m). He used to sit 2 seats on the bus.

"overweight has always affected my life - until now." Oliver said, "at last, I no longer feel like a deserted person. I can't be laughed at, or I want to call a nickname or a nickname on the street. I don't need to take 2 seats by train, nor do I have chronic pain."
Oliver · after losing weight; Beers
indeed, the impact of overweight on his life is really too big. In the past he had weighed 39 stone (about 495.3 pounds), a meal to eat 1 on Turkey barbecue, French fries and a hamburger bathtub full of ice cream. He spent most of the time eating and watching TV in his bed.
had a problem of being overweight from an early age, Oliver didn't realize its severity until he was more than 20. A long time will be painful, blood pressure has reached a dangerous 160, and it is likely to be unable to see the nieces and nieces grown up... The problem of weight caused him to suffer from depression so that he had to interrupt the study of a business degree.

in 2014, he started losing weight with a net friend's hint that he was serving food and beverage in the southwest railway. Join the lean club and replace his favorite pork pie with healthy fish salad and fruit and vegetables.

for 2 years, his weight has dropped to 13 stone 13 pounds (about 177 pounds) - he lost weight (25 stone about 317.5 pounds) is equivalent to a killer whale baby weight. He has changed from 64 inches (about 1.626m) to 34 inches (about 0.864m), from wearing big size 6XL clothes to wearing medium size, and even shoes number has been reduced by 2.
before losing weight
he doesn't have to stand in the bathtub again (because the bathtub doesn't hold him!) I can finally sit in a college classroom and listen to it (because the seats in the auditorium never set him up!).

Oliver said: "in the past, I often than children of the same age obesity and uneasy. I always' forget 'sports because I hate changing clothes in front of other students. Now, he found a new spring in his life - he wanted to run a marathon, finish a triathlon and learn to dive.

has won the title of the 2016 slimming world weight loss champion and hopes to use his story to motivate other people with weight problems. "I give it to any >

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